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Kitchen waste processing equipment

Cooking scraps generated in the kitchen and kitchen waste such as leftover food are finely crushed and processed.
Furthermore, empty cans and PET bottles are compressed to significantly reduce the amount of garbage.
The processing equipment for empty cans and PET bottles is compact, and there is also a type that can be easily operated by simply turning on and turning on the power regardless of where it is placed.
There are two types of kitchen waste disposal equipment: warm air drying type and bio type.
In addition, there is also a kitchen waste treatment system for storing kitchen waste in tanks in areas where garbage discharge is prohibited and discharging it outboard after leaving the area where discharge is prohibited.
We also have products that support various different voltages, so please contact us for any requests.

Kitchen waste processing equipment(empty can、Plastic bottle)

Type Empty can compressor Kaba-chan
Product number M-7 S-7A (TS-120) Sumire-17/18
Selling agency Shinfuji Riko
External dimensions W×L×H (mm) 380mm ×650mm ×733mm 340mm ×350mm ×950mm 480mm ×600mm ×1,270mm
Body weight (kg) 37 72 125
Processing range 500ml Itto can (18000ml) 1,000ml
Can diameter φ80 φ80
Number of processed 1,200pieces /h 2,000- 2,500pieces /h(200ml)
Remarks Foot-operated type Medium speed
Power supply 100V1 φ60Hz / 200V3 φ60Hz 100V1 φ60Hz

Empty can press device AKKANMAN/Plastic bottle compressor/empty can、Plastic bottle Crushing machine

Type Empty can press device AKKANMAN Plastic bottle compressor empty can、Plastic bottle Crushing machine
Product number AKK-0055A PP-2 RB-10
Selling agency Flood control synthesis Shinfuji Riko Meino
External dimensions W×L×H (mm) 450 ×550 ×1,390 550 ×600 ×1,510 750 ×950 ×1,560
Body weight (kg) 170 200 550
Processing range Itto can (18,000ml) empty can ・ Plastic bottle External shape φ150× 350 or less
Can diameter
Number of processed 100V 35sec
(18L (Itto can) 1piece Beverage can 40-70 pieces)
500pieces / h(500ml) 200pieces / h
Power supply 100V1 φ60Hz / 200V3 φ60Hz 440V3 φ60Hz

Compactor TT-100/5030C/UBP-30S

Type Compactor
Product number TT-100 5030C UBP-30S
Selling agency LOIPART (Manu facturer TONYTEAM) LOIPART (Manu facturer ORWAK) LOIPART (Manu facturer USON MARINE)
External dimensions W×L×H (mm) 500 ×600 ×870 760 ×1,045 ×1,640
(Maximum height 2,360mm)
688 ×704 ×2,282
Body weight (kg) 150 262 370
Processing range 2,500kg 3,000kg 5,000kg
Can diameter
Number of processed 440V3 φ60Hz
Remarks Other lineup
TT160・TT180・TT240 (There is a difference in specifications)
Power supply 220V1 φ60Hz 220V1 φ60Hz

Kitchen waste processing equipment(garbage)

Household garbage disposal machine/Garbage disposal machine/Kitchen waste disposal system

Type Household garbage disposal machine Garbage disposal machine Kitchen waste disposal system
Product number MS-N53 NWBM - 05035 - NO FDT-16U
Selling agency PANASONIC Nakapo World From industry
External dimensions W×L×H (mm) 268 ×365 ×550 (When the lid is open H770mm) 1,000 ×760 ×1,198 control panel 580 ×160 ×500
Storage tank 1,000 ×580 ×1,300
Discharge pump 665 ×360 ×428
Body weight About 12kg About 170kg control panel 10kg
Storage tank 120kg
Discharge pump 78kg
Processing method Dry type Bio type
Maximum processing amount About 2kg / time
About 8kg / Day
About 35kg / Day 500L
Power supply 100V1 φ60Hz 100V1 φ60Hz 440V3 φ60Hz



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